Summer vacation is over, it is the season begins.But for me this already in the workplace, is no longer the September quarter, later won't have summer and winter vacations, we won't have the final exam, don't have to worry about failing.Campus life is as if yesterday, but everything changed.


When the students enjoy the joy of the summer vacation, a race against time to work in my office.Before the start of the summer vacation, I have already lost the identity of the summer, as a workplace newbie.Every day, I was too busy to adapt to the new environment, busy dealing with leadership colleagues, busy to finish the work.Even though I'm too busy to hesitate not stalling gyro, but my work performance is still not satisfactory.A growing frustration destroy my confidence, bit by bit, more let I miss life in the school like a duck to water, summer vacation envy to students.Miss is not over, but I want to make up for a new round of work arrangement.


When the students complain about the summer vacation is too short, to start again, I can only hope to come this weekend.Summer vacation, the back-to-school season, the two words have insulation and me.For now of I, only working days and days, every week is the most exciting day weekend and public holidays, the most depressing day is every Monday.As some of the students don't like to going to school in class again, I don't like to go to work, but this is my work, is the source of my life, I have to work under pressure and bearing fatigue of work, only to realize more of their own value, strive for a higher salary, make your life easier.


When the students carry bag to school, I carry a laptop bag crowded on the bus, slow drive still late.Back-to-school arrived, the bus is more crowded.Listening to the car was almost constantly "student card" these three words, I will know after a long time to squeeze in the car compartment all the way, there will be more than half of the probability of late, we won't have taken each month, the leadership will be to me, work task will be more.In thinking, the car arrived, I like with bricks from several of the gaps between the big bag in the crowded out of the car and vomit a sigh, look at the watch on a pointer, is very good, right, really late, late for back-to-school is my season.


When the students come to school to attend the opening ceremony, elder sister listened to the principal about the success of the inspirational story of fugue, I sat in the meeting room to attend the weekly meeting, thinking about the thing that has nothing to do and work while listening to.The opening ceremony and department meetings, are all the same.I remember every time the school collective meeting before, such as the opening ceremony, each time I will wander, popular point is a daze.Usually when I recovered, the opening ceremony was drawing to a close, but the department meeting I cannot too long, too, are also assumed a listen to the expression, but mind is not on the meeting.


Without the student's identity, is no longer the September quarter, also won't have students of various preferential treatment, I must rely on our own efforts in the workplace, based on the society, there will be no schools, teachers, parents escort for me in front of me.Say goodbye to campus life, my thoughts, treat people doing things the way, life is gradually changed, perhaps this is growth, to witness my extreme towards new life.