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How beautiful it is to marry love

Le 11 September 2018, 03:16 dans Humeurs 0

I wonder what would happen if a friend married her ex-boyfriend? Everywhere of forbearance and grievance, then is infinite of heartache and anguish. This is not married to the appearance of love, friends told me, must be married to love you love you, willing to pay for you, this is enough. But I just want to say, you met, but there are many people, this life will not meet.

Last year was the double song's union, envies very others, brother and sister love relations, not because of marriage, only married to love. Song hye-kyo has already passed the age of marriage, but you do not come, how dare I marry, that person is not you, who do I marry? I still remember a few years ago, jia jingwen's divorce, the uproar, from the television, she was almost in tears. How did the goddess in my eyes become what she is now? I ask, is a loveless marriage ruined her, in looking at today's her, by Richard's pet like a little girl, the face of happiness, all the aura once again back to her.

Always see in the Ming people there are numerous love pet princess, but in reality, how many are really loved? It is not because there is no bread, but because love is so short that it dies early. Once the vicissitudes of life, but also eventually turned into a mocking joke, once the solemn pledge, but also eventually an irresponsible joke. There are several people who can truly love you as you are!

How many people in the "should marry the age" will marry themselves hastily, no love foundation, no material conditions, the rest is all heartache and remorse.

Once young and crazy we will be crazy for love once, regardless of the consequences, regardless of everything, but a certain age, but do not want to believe in love, dare not easily promise, not love is not beautiful, just no one will pay for love. Today to chase you when you give, tomorrow married you must return to me. Therefore, all love in the first appearance, died in the request you must return to me.

Marry love, marry a person who loves you, don't destroy your life for marriage. Not the right person, please do not worry, is the wrong person, please do not reluctant to give up, please free hand. There is really no need to wronged oneself in marriage, after all, we are all first time person, first time marriage, really do not have to compromise.

Those who always promise something with their mouth, please stay away. Marry the love you believe in, no matter how long time, no matter age. Perhaps, one day you see married to the appearance of love, really very beautiful.

favored by pension funds

Le 31 August 2018, 11:34 dans Humeurs 0

  Recently, 14 pension fund funds of the first 14 fund companies have been approved, and the construction of the third pillar of pension is in full swing. On the other hand, the social security fund, which is one of the first pillars of the pension and one of the important players in the market, has gradually revealed its trend with the disclosure of the listed companies in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. According to statistics from the statistics, as of August 19, 141 companies have appeared in the tradable shares of the social security fund, and most of the stocks that have been covered by the social security fund have achieved good positive returns in the second quarter. Some analysts believe that from the perspective of investment, the industries and individual stocks that are obviously concerned by the social security fund are expected to become the key targets for the pension fund.

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  Most of the social security fund's jiacang stocks received positive returns

  According to the statistics of Choice, as of August 19, among the listed companies that have disclosed the results of the interim report, 141 companies have appeared in the tradable shares of the company. Among them, the social security fund newly held 40 stocks, increased 56 holdings, and reduced 15 companies. From the perspective of the disclosed mid-year report companies, social security is still optimistic about the big consumer sector. Some institutional sources said that most of the jiacang stocks received good positive returns in the second quarter.

  Among the 40 stocks newly held, the top 11 new stocks have more than 10 million shares, and the new stocks with more than 20 million shares have 3 stocks, namely Changxin Technology, Rongsheng Development and energy-saving wind power.

  In terms of holdings, the most-recognized Nangang shares were respectively increased by 320.825 million shares, 12.605 million shares and 12 million shares by the social security fund 418, 161 and 102. As of June 30, Nangang was jointly held by the social security group of 66,600,500 shares. In addition to the shares of Nangang, Xinlun Technology has also been increased by a large margin, totaling 4,417,900 shares by 4 social security fund portfolios. In addition, Beixin Building Materials, Bishuiyuan, Nanjing Bank, Tonghua Dongbao and Rongsheng petrochemical were all increased by 10 million to 20 million shares in the second quarter chronic illness.

  Or become a target for raising old-age target funds

  From the above-mentioned increase in holdings and new companies, the better performance is the main reason for the increase in the funds of the social security fund. According to statistics from China Securities Journal, as of August 19, nearly 90% of the companies that have disclosed social security funds' new or increased holdings have achieved year-on-year growth in net profit, and some companies' net profit has increased by more than 100% year-on-year. Higher profitability. In addition, it also shows that the social security fund has a more prominent stock selection ability.

  According to the 2017 annual report released by the Social Security Fund on July 31, the performance of the social security fund is still outstanding. The data shows that in 2017, the social security fund's equity investment income was 184.614 billion yuan, and the investment yield was 9.68%. Among them, the realized income amount is 101.197 billion yuan (the realized rate of return is 5.58%), and the fair value change of trading assets is 83.417 billion yuan. It is worth mentioning that since the establishment of the National Social Security Fund in August 2000, the accumulated investment income has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, and the average annual investment return rate has reached 8.44%. From the perspective of the return on investment in social security funds in recent years, the return on investment in 2012-2015 reached 7.01%, 6.2%, 11.69%, and 15.19%, respectively. By 2017, the return on equity investment reached 9.68%, exceeding the historical average.

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  Some analysts pointed out that after the approval of the pension fund, it is expected to enter the issue period quickly, bringing a lot of "live water" to the market. Considering that the pension fund has higher requirements for stable income, its investment style is expected to tend to the social security fund. From the perspective of investment, the industries and individual stocks that are obviously concerned by the social security fund are expected to become the key targets for the pension fund. Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai Open Source Fund, also said that the operation of social security funds emphasizes long-term, security and profitability. At present, the valuation of A-share blue-chip stocks is in the bottom of history, which is a good time for social security funds, pensions and other long-term funds to enter the market.

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Villa dining table

Le 10 August 2018, 12:34 dans Humeurs 0

Solid wood dining table

Solid wood tables and chairs are made of solid wood. Solid wood wide board is to point to the hardwood processing into narrow wooden bar, again transverse application glue is spliced, next up and down two sides sanding and become sheet. The material is smaller in specification and has a lot of length - oriented stitching, which is strong and durable.

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2. Plastic table

Imported PP plastic, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, economic and practical, plus original backrest design, can alleviate fatigue. This simple, easy and durable product is suitable for both public and private places.

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3. Glass table

The style is bold and avant-garde, the function is practical, not easy to be affected by the influence of indoor air and humidity, clean up is convenient and quick, occupy the space is small, and have no pollution, radiate.

Plate table

Feel smooth, level off, simple and fashionable temperament, simple and durable, with simple, fashionable, modern, simple and elegant characteristics pediatric hypertension.

5. Rattan art table


Plain and can not say shu xin, elegant, its wear resistance, heat resistance, impact resistance, easy to clean maintenance, crystal clear, long life.

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